Guidelines for Session Organizers

What to do if i'm a session leader?

As section chair/organiser you are responsible for:

  • Reviewing and selecting session papers based on their quality and thematic relevance.
  • Informing the paper applicants on December 1, 2023, about the acceptance or the (justified) rejection of their proposal.
  • Reminding the paper givers that they have the access to the abstracts accepted within their session (please distribute the papers to all other participants in the session).
  • Reminding the paper givers to send their papers to the chair/organizer before August 15, 2024.
  • Reminding the paper givers about the maximum length of their presentation (based on the session type) and stimulating them to read each other’s papers in advance of the session.
  • Chairing the session, including a short introduction on the main goal of the session, a short introduction on each of the paper givers, managing the time schedule, leading the discussion and summary.

Important information to communicate to the accepted paper-givers

  • Please remind the accepted paper-givers that EAUH is only inviting them to participate and present their paper and is NOT providing the visa and NOT paying the travel or accommodation expenses.
  • After receiving the acceptance letter, it is recommended that the selected paper-givers immediately confirm to the session organizers their willingness to ATTEND the conference and to declare any foreseen obstacles (funding, visa, etc.).
  • The eligible paper-givers (doctoral students under age of 35 years) should be informed about possibility to apply for bursaries and given necessary support (letter of acceptance) from session organizers.
  • Please ask the paper-givers of the accepted proposals to register and pay the registration fee as “early registration” (by May 30, 2024) and “standard registration” (by August 15, 2024). Please remind them again as the deadlines approach.
  • It is the responsibility of the session organizers to provide any specific instructions concerning the content of the session (papers, forms of presentation, time-arrangement, etc.) to guarantee a successful and fruitful session.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and help in making the conference in Ostrava as successful as possible.

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Updated: 25. 08. 2023